My office Makeover : how I designed a space from scratch

One of the challenges of working for yourself is setting a routine and sticking to it . I struggle with this and have found that waking up, getting dressed and going to an “office” to work out of, makes all the difference. This could be a co-working space or a room in your house. Or like me, a tiny studio space I rented in the heart of the city.

Now this being a an older building, the studio itself had to be updated and furnished. The walls had to be treated and painted and I had to come up with a decor scheme that would excite me . Being the magpie that I am, I gravitate towards the shiny and sparkly and of course COLOUR!

I chose a bold palette for the room. The room is about 8×10 sq ft in size. So I had to create a palette that wouldn’t overwhelm but at the same time, since this wasn’t my home and I had a bit more liberty , I decided to explore a bold colour story.

My first step was honing in on what I really wanted. Pinterest always comes to the rescue, after some furious pinning, it was evident : The style I was veering towards was white everything with pops of colour. I wanted to be able to work with a truly blank canvas , while also having those exciting and interesting bits of colour and pattern.

Once I figured what I wanted, I started playing around on Room Styler. I created two moodboards of the kind of look I was going for. I usually create my moodboards with the actual products I was thinking of getting as it makes visualizing the whole room as a cohesive unit, easier.

Room 1

Room 2

The first look was a more obvious one. Palm trees, faux leather sofa , moroccan rug : midcentury modern vibes with a bit of California boho collectedness.

The second look was a bit more of a personal choice, bright colours : brick reds , foam greens and blues and yellows, mixed with the warmth of cane and ofcourse lots of plants.

An instagram story poll later, Room 2 , it was going to be.

The next step is setting out to buy the furniture. I went around my neighbourhood cane furniture makers, they quoted extremely reasonable prices but wouldn’t be able to deliver the cane sofa in less than 6 weeks. Also I didn’t factor in that I would have to get the seating cushions made separately. So back to the drawing board it was. Finally after a lot of trial and error , settled on a dark blue two seater from Pepper Fry that tied into the theme I was going for.

So a good way to go about selecting your decor pieces for you room, would be to get your room’s measurements and see if the furniture’s dimensions would fit in nicely . Keep your proportions in mind too. Don’t overwhelm a small room with large pieces of furniture. And in the same way, don’t dot your larger rooms with tiny , skimpy furniture .

So measurements were taken and room layout was decided.

And off we go into the thick of things. The actual decorating. What follows is a series of very satisfying befores and afters.


This wall that you see, is flanked by 3 key pieces of furniture. A bookshelf, an ergonomic office chair and a desk. I bought the desk and chair from Urban Ladder : Heres the link to the Desk. The chair can be purchased here.

I was looking for an all white bookshelf with adjustable shelves. Amazon to the rescue: You can purchase the bookshelf here.

The art on the walls is from Art & Found. I will make a separate post on where you can purchase affordable art from. These gorgeous prints came framed in an all white wood frame. They are by artist Yash Pradhan. I wanted something abstract that picked up on the colours from the carpet/rug and also tied in with the colours from the cushions on the couch. These were perfect.

This wall is dominated by the blue two seater , that I bought from Pepperfry. It seats two adults comfortably and sleeps a petite (5’ft tall) person comfortably as well.

I know the airconditioner is an eyesore, but it was in working condition and replacing it wasn’t in the budget!

Now, coming to the cushions, this took quite a bit of patience, scouring the internet for exactly what I wanted. I was keen to mix patterns , so I was going for stripes but I did not want them to be too matchy, so I looked for cushions that were striped but with also different elements like ikat stripes, stripes with pompoms, neon stripes etc. Not only would they pop against the blue but also create interest and a layered affect. I plan on doing a dedicated post to picking out cushions soon, let me know if you would like that.

For the rug , the most requested piece of decor from this room : I wanted something truly exceptional. I dug around the internet and found a gorgeous rug made from scraps, but also looked luxurious. Sustainability is something I keep in mind these days. I wanted something plush of significant pile height and I wanted the boho vibe, The Rug Republic had just what I was looking for . The Lavie rug is hand-knotted goodness. It took a month to come but was worth the wait. In many ways, this rug creates the foundation for this room, grounding it and tying the whole room together.

This stunner of a mirror has more function than decoration. I wanted a large mirror in the space to create the illusion of space. I figured out the placement and did not want the mirror shape to fight with that of the sofa or air conditioner, so it had to be a round-ish /octagonal shape. I loved that this one was so modern yet classic . It loved that it was a faceted mirror. Really brings some style to the room, but also makes it feel larger than it is.I bought this one from Mirrorwalla.

So overall, from the designing process to the assembly and the final room itself ( are we ever truly done though) it took about 6 weeks to execute. Ordering from lesser known websites was a huge risk and I definitely had to keep pestering them for updates.

This has truly turned into a room injected with character and a nice little haven for me to work from. Surrounding myself with inspiring knick-knacks adds layers to the room and makes it truly one off. Never been much of a cookie cutter type , anyway.

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