Mini Makeover: Bedroom

BEFORE: no organisation and no decor elements
AFTER: A bedroom with a cohesive decor scheme that also looks lived in.

My favourite thing ever is to decorate . I have been rearranging furniture and styling corners of my homes since I was a little child . Having moved back to Chennai a year ago, things were in a state of flux and my state of mind reflected in my surroundings. A month ago I finally got around to finishing up this mini makeover of my bedroom and all the elements came together.

My room is 14x 12 sq foot (approx) . The dominating piece of furniture is the giant custom made bed with it’s custom made mattress. The bed was an heirloom from years ago and I decided to make peace with it, despite loving very contemporary and compact furniture.

I call this a mini makeover because but budget was around 25K Rupees (400 USD) and I had to make it look very cohesive and pulled together. This was another reason I made peace with the existing furniture. OK, Let’s get down to it.

The focal point of this room is the bed. My first challenge was that window placing was not centred, so there was more wall to one side and less on the other. As the window anchored the bed, the bed was also slightly askew and there was more space on one side. Also the bedside tables or nightstands were mismatched. Since I was on a budget and not in a position to immediately replace the furniture, I decided to place two identical night lamps on either side to create a sense of symmetry. I got them in a brushed dull gold to stick to the colour scheme.

I also put up artwork that was similar but not the same to bring in that sense of balance. The focal point was the windows, so I dressed them with beautiful hand blockprinted drapes that were door length . The motifs were blue and gold on off white. I kept this colour scheme through out.

I also spent a majority of the budget on bedding that complimented the drapes . I wanted a touch of Indian textiles mixed in with something contemporary. I went in for a higher thread count as comfort is king.

I also love a bit of boho and threw in a beautiful matching handmade mirrorwork stole layered on top of the bedsheets. The tassels are a small detail but add so much.

I decided to build on the colour story from the same family to add some complexity and texture. I added some light and dark hues of blues and to add pops I introduced some corals and pinks. The result is a not too matchy colour scheme that also feels harmonious.

So we have this very basic set of drawers and on the other side, a stool that double as nightstands.I decided to bring one strong element of symmetry to ground them and also balance them. Work with what you have. There are ways to elevate pieces you already have.

I was struggling to find artwork within this shoestring budget. As you probably know by now, good artwork is expensive. So I decided to go ahead and make my own abstract piece. My hack was to use colour to unify the space. It turned out great and I’m quite proud of it !

Styled bookshelves add a touch of class and sophistication to a space

Next, there are a set of shelves on one of the walls, that I decided to style.I don’t read fiction ever, so I styled my small collection of decor and design books as well as my poetry books, weeding out the ones that did’nt fall into the blue/gold/offwhite/pink/coral colour scheme. I simply turned them page side front rather than spine side front, so I could still access them if need be. Functionality is a massive part of good design.

Do click on the images for a closer look at the details. You can see how I’ve alternated the colours to create a flow. I will do a more detailed post later on how to style bookshelves.

So there’s my mini makeover! Hope you enjoyed that little decor snippet!

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